About Me

I started this blog shortly after my youngest son was born in as a way to journal my endeavors into the world of raising both a baby and a teen while along the way cloth diapering, breastfeeding and concocting new vegan and vegetarian dinners that my thirteen year old might eat.  I'm a down to earth girl just trying to live simply.

My family and I are transplants to Virginia.  I'm an elementary school educator turned stay at home mom. My days are now filled with taking care of the little men in my life.  I am married and have one boy in his early teens and another only a few months old.

My oldest is a preteen who is both the love of my life and also the challenge to my days.  He is the most fun-loving and beautiful young man I know and yet he can bring me to the brink of my existence with his teenage angst.

My youngest son reminds me so much of my oldest.  What he reminds me of the most is that the days go by so quickly and before you know it, your children become teenagers.  They both remind me to value this time with them and to live my life with purpose.

We also have a dog that we rescued from our local SPCA.  She's supposedly a coon hound but we're not sure.  One thing is certain though, she is a big ball of energy. 

I'm trying to live a simple life by striving to make "green" choices and follow a healthy lifestyle. I love cloth diapering and I love saving money. 

No I'm not the only blogger out there by any means who writes on these topics and I've definitely not perfected the art of simple living or blogging for that matter.  Hopefully though I can inspire one or two people to think about better ways to make their own conscious choices and along the way be inspired too.

Thanks for visiting!