Sunday, July 14, 2013

Review of June Citrus Lane Box

I recently saw a Facebook advertisement for a company called Citrus Lane that offered a monthly subscription surprise box service. I've always been intrigued by these types of companies but being the cheap or frugal person that I am, I never signed up for one. Mostly I was too afraid that what I would receive would not be worth the cost. However, Citrus Lane offered me my first box for 50% off so for $12.50 I thought I would check them out.

My box came priority mail a little less than a month after I signed up. The items were nicely packaged in the box and followed a “Summer” theme. Since I was on the lookout for a summer hat for my son, I was thrilled to see that a sun hat was included. Here's what the box contained:

I Play Sun Protection Hat UPF 50+ Reversible (Infant (6-18 months), Blue){Retails for $12.00}
Boon Odd Duck - Bob {Retails for $10.60}
Happy Baby Organic Baby Food 1 Starting Solids, Fresh Mango, 3.5-Ounce (Pack of 16) {16 for $14.26 so 1 @ $0.89}
Susan Brown's Baby Just For Mom Foot Therapy Cream, 8.3-Ounce Bottle  (I received a 7.6 oz) {Larger 8.3 oz Retails $11.20}
Sample (approximately 1 oz) Susan Brown's Baby Sensitive Baby Nourishing Lotion
Sample (approximately 1 oz) Susan Brown's Baby Sensitive Baby Diaper Therapy Cream

Given that the above items (or versions of the items and not including the samples) are sold at retail for a total of over $34, I would say that $12.50 was a good deal. I say it was a good deal because I needed a sun hat and the consumables are always needed. A rubber ducky is of course not a necessity but given that we don't have any bath toys maybe it indeed is.

The first thing I tried was the Susan Brown Foot Therapy Cream. It felt a little greasy going on but that downfall was made up for the great smell. It kind of reminded me of a peachy lotion I would use as a teenager (I guess that can be a bad thing) and although greasy at first, did absorb and make my feet feel hydrated and maybe a bit sweeter smelling.

The samples for baby I will probably give away because the Diaper Therapy Cream contains zinc, which is a no for our cloth diapers. Although I may just try it out and use a liner.

Can't wait to try the baby food, but it will be awhile as we aren't starting solids for another few months.
I really like the fun design of the rubber ducky. We received the orange and white one, or "Bob".  What I like the most about the toy is that it advertises that it does not absorb water. With my older son, I hated finding that the toys had to be thrown out so quickly from mildew accumulating inside. I could never get them clean. The ducky is also BPA, PVC & Phalate free which is a plus.

The sun hat is super cute and I really like that it's reversible and has a sun protection factor of 50+. I don't plan on many beach days but think this will be good for him to wear when we are out and about or when he's in his stroller. I was kind of surprised that we received a blue hat because I designated for a gender neutral box but it's okay...just would have preferred green. Last time we checked his head circumference was 17” and this fit him well and he doesn't seem to mind it.

I think that I'm going to see what the July box has in store. For $12.50 this was a fun deal. If the box has items that I need or can resell after we are finished with them I will see about renewing if my budget allows. It is exciting when you are expecting packages in the mail.

Disclosure:  I purchased the Citrus Lane box on my own and was not given compensation for this post.  All opinions are my own.  This post does contain affiliate links.