Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Citrus Lane Subscription- August Box Review

I received my August box last week (on the 21st) and I must say I'm a little disappointed again.  I've been saying that I was thinking about cancelling and this week I really did.  It's not that I'm really upset about the items I received, it's just that I don't think they are things I would have went out and bought.  I'm trying to save money and buy only things of real value to my family.  Here is what I got:

Little Stacker- Monkey
The design of this toy is very nice and the material is super soft.  The toy is pretty cheap though.  The stacker fits together with one very flimsy strip of velcro that is seriously lacking sticking power.  The toy is designed in Vermont and Made in China.  I don't get what this new kick about labeling products, "Designed in U.S.A" and then made somewhere else.  Is that supposed to make us feel better about buying crap?  Anyone want to buy mine ($10 ppd)? This retails for approximately $13.

Cleo's Color Book
We love books so it's hard for me to give any book a bad review...BUT it's gotta really have something for me to get into color books or other basic books.  I KNOW this is for a baby and maybe I'm just grumpy today or something but I'm not really into this book either.  There are so many better options in my opinion for introducing colors.   This is retailing right now for $6.29 on Amazon.

Cleanwell All-natural Hand Sanitizing Wipes -Orange Vanilla                  Considering that I can't find the sanitizing wipes that I received in last month's box, I was happy to see these replacements.  I'm going to use these to clean toys.  They are safe to use on the hands and the face, are alcohol free and biodegradable. Ingredients include thymus vulgarts oil, aloe leaf juice, citric acid, citrus aurantium dulcis (orange) oil, copper PCA, hydrolyzed oats, oregano oil, vanilla fruit extract, water. These are retailing for approximately $5.00 a canister online.

Weleda Calendula Baby Cream
Ah Goo Baby Bottle Strap, Audrey                                 
I'm actually a fan of samples, just not paying for them.  I've heard really great things about Weleda and I'm sure the diaper cream is a great product but I use cloth and I've read that Weleda is not good for cloth so I won't be using this sample.  I haven't decided wheher or not I will be keeping the bottle strap.  We don't use bottles but we have entered into the "throw everything on the floor stage so I might keep this.  Bottle strap retails for $10.49 on Amazon.

Outfit from fabkids
The box also contained a coupon for an outfit from the fabkids site.  The three piece outfits are $39.99 and with the code you receive the outfit for free and pay a $5.00 shipping fee.  That's a pretty good deal for a really snazzy outfit.  However, the site doesn't have either of my boys' sizes.  The lowest is 2T and the highest is XL.  I need baby or teen so I guess I will be looking for a gift.

So again, I really have no reason to be disappointed.  The total for all of these items if I would have purchased them would be $74.00 and that's not counting the samples of Weleda Baby products.  I'm just not going to renew for financial reasons.

Anyone want to share their thoughts and opinions on Citrus Lane or any other subscription box?

Disclosure:  I purchased the Citrus Lane box on my own and was not given compensation for this post.  All opinions are my own.  This post does contain affiliate links.